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Sister Rounds
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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Autumn in Alhambra

Is it autumn yet? Temps are in the 90's and the sun shines brightly each day. Here's how Alhambra autumn looks in this part of the world.

 Um, NO leaves will be fluttering gracefully from these trees!!

Fortunately, I received a package in the mail this week from my beloved family, and as I opened it, autumn simply floated out of the box.  Autumn now adorns our Alhambra apartment in California, even if the rest of the LA area has no idea about vibrant autumn browns, reds, and oranges, recently harvested produce in jars, and sweet-smelling cinnamon-pumpkin scented handsoap!

There are autumn leaves gracing our sliding glass door...

brightly-colored, carefully cut leaves framing our living room "decor"...

and leaves tumbling down all around "Herman," who thinks he's so scary as he welcomes visitors into our home.

 But that is not all!  Oh NO!  That is not all!  Step into my personal living space in my bedroom and find a lovely border all around the top of beautiful "Leaf Rubbings by Ashley," and "Heart of Leaves by Luke," and "Leaf Creatures With Accompanying Poetry by Sammie."  These are all great autumn works of art that fill my life with color and love.

Wonderful gifts of the season that totally gladden my heart!  Including the Kneaders cinnamon bread that came directly from AJ's personal Utah hands to mine!

That was another great thing from this week.  A fairly spontaneous and quick visit from AJ, here for one day in California on business.  Monkey business! Limo Business! We had a few hours between LAX and picking up a limo in Redlands, before a quick visit to the Redlands temple, and then he was off on his way back to Utah.  Fast, but so wonderful!

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