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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Alhambra Halloween


I'm always a bit surprised when I realize I can still experience many "firsts" at this advanced stage of my life. This is the first Halloween that I've ever experienced at 87 degrees outside.  People don't even begin to imagine wearing costumes over the top of coats and jackets. Parents are out trick-or-treating with their children in shorts and sandals. I can only remember, ever and always, Halloween being cold and dark. NOPE! Not in Alhambra!

Our ward scout troop sponsored a fund-raiser for their scout camp next summer. They had a Halloween carnival, complete with dinner, booths of snacks, and games.  There was a wonderful turnout, and since both English and Chinese wards were invited, it was also quite a fun cultural event.

Even the missionaries got into the spirit of the event, and there was a significant turnout of students from English classes, who are not members of the church, who came and enjoyed.  Elder Fu swiped someone's blond wig, heh, heh!
Now we know how a blond China man looks!

Here are the missionaries with our dear friends and landlords, the Bunker's.  Brother Bunker is sporting an authentic Chinese hat, while Elder Ng is hiding behind the werewolf mask.

There were lots of treats too. The sisters and I couldn't resist the candy apples.

And I could hardly resist Yanny's little baby, Andy. Yanny is an investigator I brought that night, along with Alice, her daughter. They had a good time.  There was trick-or treating all around the classroom doors outside in the courtyard area.  Behind each door was someone passing out a treat, rather than the traditional trunk-or-treat method I remember forever and always.

This is how Halloween 2015 looked in my Alhambra world  this year (with Sister Martin gone home for the weekend).

Not every American LDS Ward gets to have Superman and his friend at their ward party!  Brother Jorgenson of the bishopric, and Brother Luneke, a former bishop of Alhambra Ward.  Both Super Men in my book!
Dorothy, Toto, and the Tornado.  The tornado had all kinds of leaves, animals, and debris in his twister. This is a new young couple who just came from BYU.  They are darling.
Some of my favorite young women ever, the Carmona's from next door. What makes them even more special, is the current traumatic event they are going through right now in their lives, and yet, they are still positive and happy, and doing all they can to have a good time.

So, here is how a piece of Halloween looked. The scouts did quite a fabulous job, and they went to a ton of work to make this a fun evening for so many.


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  1. Ah, love the celebration of Halloween at a church :) I'm sure those Chinese folks couldn't figure WHAT THE HECK it was all about! Sounds like a great party and a lot of missionary work being done. Keep on Mom!