Sister Rounds

Sister Rounds
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Now begins a new journey, a new era in the mission field.  I came back from a whirlwind but rejuvenating week at home for Jaimie's wedding and the birth of our new little Missy Petunia.  I got to meet two new babies in that wonderful visit, Alex Edmund and Chloe.  It was a hugely rewarding week on a number of levels.  Each day was so full I wondered if there was enough time to sleep!  The feeling of seeing all and each of my children in the temple together is too overwhelming for words.

Though it was good to be back amongst those whom I enjoy serving, it was a little difficult coming back to be alone.  After so few short months with dear Sister Thurgood, I knew there was still so much more to learn from her.  Her kind and patient guidance, her inspired leadership, her gentle ways had such an impact on my life.  Though we were companions for a mere three-and-a-half months, it felt like we had been kindred spirits forever.  She has been a beautiful, fun, wise, and stellar senior companion!  So I pay deepest tribute to such a wonderful and loving companion, and know we will be dear friends throughout...oh, let's say ... eternity.

We visited the California Science Museum and saw the space shuttle Endeavor.  It's been in space multiple times.  One of our MANY outings for p-day!

This was at Sister Thurgood's farewell meeting.  It is taken with our Chinese branch Relief Society president, Sister Wu, who is extremely awesome.

Also leaving at the same time as Sister Thurgood was Elder Schwindimann, going home to Idaho Falls.

Here we are with our beloved Mission President and Sister Villanueva

and our Employment Resource Center groupies.

Such a typical look for Sister Thurgood, who responds so positively to everyone she interacts with.

Opening a going-away gift from ERS staff...

Taken with little Rosa, our Chinese friend who reminds me of my Mayci.  She was no less than tickled when I told her that.  So when I refer to her as "Mayci" she giggles this delightful little laugh.

Wherever you are, Dear Sister Thurgood, I'll love you forever.  THANK YOU and see you soon!!!

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