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Sister Rounds
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Saturday, July 11, 2015


Before I get too far past July 6, I want to make sure I make a record of the many blessed ways I was remembered.  I was seriously going to slide through this birthday quietly.  But I discovered there were too many wonderful people that remembered me and took time and effort to make their love known in my life.  
Even while I was still home for Jaimie's wedding, the children and grandchildren remembered with a backyard birthday celebration.  Sister Thurgood remembered, even though she had already gone home, and made sure there was a healthy contingency of people in LA to remember my birthday.  It started at the Employment Center...

and continued throughout the day with cake, cards, letters, calls, texts, gifts from parents, children, grandchildren, friends, and missionaries.

          HAPPY BIRTHDAY,             MRS. 58!!!

And during the course of my workday, what should be delivered but a beautiful bouquet of roses from my dear friend, Ruthe.

I want to remember how I was remembered with an entire drawers top full of remembrances...

and kind missionaries, tipped off by Sister Thurgood, that came together for a fun birthday pizza party before FHE at Shakey's.

And cute Sister Huang, who remembered my birthday with her own original dance version of a birthday wish...

How remembered am I!  

I feel so blessed to have been so remembered. 

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  1. Of course, Mom, how can we forget our favorite missionary? You are never far from our thoughts, Mom, whether it's your birthday or not. Glad the day was special for you.