Sister Rounds

Sister Rounds
California Arcadia

Monday, March 20, 2017

Mission Accomplished

From the first moment I received a mission call forever ago in February, 2015, my life has changed dramatically on every level. I witnessed things I would never have dreamed in my wildest imagination. I saw, heard, felt, smelled, and tasted things I never would have otherwise. The people that now live in my heart have influenced me beyond expression. 

I came home to a super dooper welcome of everyone in my family as they lined the lane. It all felt very surreal.

Released as a 2-year, full-time missionary.

The ensuing mission report and gathering was prepared and executed meticulously in my beloved Nibley 3rd Ward and then Nibley City Civic Center. 

So many loved ones to re-kindle relationships, meet babies for the first time, and give and get hugs. My widening circle now included my dear ones at home, and new friends made over the past 2 years.

A very rewarding finale:

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