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Sister Rounds
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Sunday, March 20, 2016


I believe spring has sprung in LA! The vibrant, colorful vegetation tells me so. The fragrances that greet our noses each morning are a combination of YUMMY!! jasmine, orange blossom, or plumeria. my musings some random things come to mind, sometimes with accompanying photos, sometimes without.
My bedroom is still definitely my Happy Place, a place to retreat before the turkeys pull me down!

I'm surrounded anywhere I look by loving remembrances of dear little ones. It's a refuge from the storm. Oh, and also the place I sleep.

On my walks through the quiet morning  neighborhood, I observe many red brick paths, leading to many red doors. I have come to discover that red is the color of GOOD LUCK in China. They love the color red.

There is an energetic hoot owl that I hear occasionally in the early mornings. Reminds me of Utah barns. In LA. Go figure.

Also every occasionally, I pass a cute little Chinese man, who stops when I pass, smiles, and salutes my way. I wish him "Good Morning" but he just smiles bigger, bows, and salutes. Super cute!

One early morning walk, I walked under a tree, and suddenly, an entire flock of bright green parrots flew out of it, announcing their annoyance at my bursting their reverie. Talk about startled! But they are so beautiful, and they rather hide among the branches so you can't openly admire their beauty. But you can hear them! The do make sure of that!

Now that the sisters live in the same apartment complex, it's fun to run over to their door and give them "good-night" or "good morning" hugs. Or just go over there as we all begin our days to wish them well.

I have NEVER heard more energetic or rousing stake conference music than in the Pasadena, CA Stake! Our stake music leaders are phenomenal! I think they are probably professional, and whether the conductor is leading the stake choir or the entire congregation in singing they make us sound really good. The organ is loud, great tempo, and strong, and the organist embellishes as she goes, so it sounds sooooo good! The director knows how to direct us to slow down, speed up, or accent the words. It's something to behold! I love going to Stake Conference for the music alone. And as a fun side note, President Hunter was Stake President in the Pasadena Stake many years ago. So since we are studying his writings this year, it's also fun to hear from so many old-timers here a few personal vignettes that they remember from times past. He seems to have been a very personal and personable Stake President. I've learned some very great and cute things about him that I wouldn't have otherwise learned.

There are continual reminders all around, every day, of homelessness. I'm afraid after awhile one becomes rather calloused to its presence, but it's a very forlorn spectacle. Because it's so rampant here, it feels like people just get used to it and no longer really give it much thought. But when you're not used to it, it's a shocking sight constantly.

One day last week, we met Janessa and Sister Colson at Porto's Cuban fare for dinner in the city where Janessa is serving, Glendale. As usual, it was so great to see her and meet her new companion. And the food was tasty!

How interesting that Janessa and I get to forge this special tie, that will likely knit our hearts together forever because of this extraordinary experience we are sharing in common.

Brother and Sister Wu, long-time members in Alhambra, invited all the missionaries to dinner at one of the local Chinese restaurants one Saturday. It was fun to be with everyone, and it was obvious they enjoyed their own kind of food very much. Then, another member of the bishopric invited us to his home for HotPot, which is also very traditional Chinese cuisine. Such authentic eating here!

Brother and Sister Wu and missionaries for Chinese dinner
Recently, Sister Martin and I took a p-day to travel to Redlands to visit the temple there. It was a great day, and it took the whole day, but we had a wonderful p-day together.

One day, as I was looking out my lovely balcony sliding glass door, which overlooks a lovely...concrete parking lot... I noticed a cat tiptoeing across the roof ridge of the carport on the far side of the parking lot. It caught my attention because the cat looked like a direct duplicate of King Louie, my cat at home. He was even skinny like Louie!

I've also noticed MANY medical personnel everywhere we go, whether in the stores, parks, sidewalks, or anywhere. I guess when you have so many people, there are so many medical needs. So there are many people that work in the medical field, just by virtue of the number of people needing services. They are easy to spot because the uniform of choice is scrubbs -- and they are everywhere.

And there we have it. Musings of Mission.

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