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Sister Rounds
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Saturday, January 30, 2016

I've Noticed...

There are some phenomenal things I've noticed lately. If I don't capture them while I'm thinking about them, they might slip away from my memory and I don't want them to be gone forever. Here are some fun noticings:
  • Asian people have ever and always looked identical to me. They all have dark eyes, olive skin, and black hair. I'm noticing that they actually look very different from each other, and different Asian cultures have their own characteristics. Chinese people actually look different from each other!
  • I've noticed that earplugs at night help to block out some significant night sounds, not completely, but they are muffled enough they don't wake me up startled like I used to. They are easy to locate, because of their bright pink color.
  • I've noticed special things coming addressed to me in my mailbox every few days. Sometimes it is a card, sometimes a colored or drawn picture, letters, Amazon packages, or other fun packages. I LOVE getting important mail!
  • I've noticed with great interest 2 quotes that were hanging in my new office at the ResourceCenter, when we switched around office configurations. They were left over from some missionary somewhere along the way...      

I love reading them multiple times a day.
  • I've noticed, with great pleasure, the walls of my sanctuary bedroom filling up month by month with wonderful, beautiful letters and drawings by grandchildren. It won't be long before my entire bedroom is wallpapered in special, colorful pictures, sent lovingly by missed grandchildren. It is totally my happy place of refuge.
(Experimenting with a selfie stick...) A little of my happy place is seen in the background
  • It's hard not to notice the cute songleader in Chinese sacrament meeting. Though music time signatures completely escape her, she is quite energetic and enthusiastic as she leads the singing in her own kind of time and space. It's almost like watching a dance. And Elder Pao on the piano just doesn't watch her, or he'll lose his place.
  • My name appeared on the baptismal program for Flick's and Ivy's baptism for the closing prayer. It was quite noticeable that it was the ONLY English name on the entire program! Written in English. Among everything else Chinese.
  • I've also noticed a plaguing strange-hair phenomenon in LA. My hair has taken on a mind all its own. It acts totally foreign to how I've been used to it my whole life. I can't explain it, but photos seem to be able to pretty well!   Refer to horrendous selfie above.
  • I've noticed huge differences in the progression of those who WANT to learn English, and really apply themselves to do it, versus those who don't put in much effort. Jobs, abilities, communication, happiness... so many things are amazingly connected to English-speaking ability.
  • One fabulous thing I've noticed is the rich and wonderfully varied diversity in our little Alhambra Ward. So far, in addition to many American states being represented, we also have members who are Anglo, Hispanic, Samoan, Iranian, African-American, Filipino, Asian, and Ethiopian. I love it!
  • And I've also noticed with great amazement, impressive dedication of others in their callings. I notice regularly President and Sister Lee, who live quite far away from Alhambra, but are at the church, activities, and functions of the Chinese branch so regularly, on any given day and time. They put their whole souls into their calling in leading this little fledgling branch. And it shows! The branch is growing by the week as these remarkable souls tend to their little flock, watching baptisms and fellowshipping each new member as they come into the fold. These and so many others are people I dearly love.
And there are other happenings to notice too.

Like when I notice a lot of Chinese friends from English class watching me to see how to form words and how to make your mouth look when you're trying to say specific words. Even though I'm not the teacher, they like to see how a native English speaker forms the words.

The REAL teacher of class
"Caught you on camera!"

This particular word was "Camera." I popped my camera out of my bag in a flash and caught them completely off guard! They're great.

I also notice that we will find any excuse to go to Menchies for frozen yogurt. This particular occasion happened to be commemorating Sister Xia's year mark, and Elder Ng's 6-month mark. YAY for Menchies!! Our go-to place for ANY excuse of a celebration!!

Sister Wilde, from Idaho Falls. 
I've also noticed, with GREAT pleasure, the                       Spanish-speaking hermanas that live in the                         Chinese sister's apartment with them, Sister                        Wilde and Sister Austin, love to come over for                Sunday Night Treats also. When they aren't                       teaching. They are also very awesome.

Sister Austin

Sister Wilde is very close friends with Calvin and Christy Slater. It's so wonderful to learn of home connections everywhere you go!

One can't help but notice the musical abilities of Elder Pao, a concert pianist from Taiwan. One night after English class, he sat down and began playing something he found on his IPad, just to see if he could. There were a few stragglers from class, and we were all lucky recipients of his extemporaneous concert. It was truly wonderful. And he's tall, so he plays basketball almost as well. He's considering going to USU after his mission, where he'll continue pursuing music. Cool!!

I notice, if I just open my eyes, ears, and heart, there is a multiplicity of wonderful things to notice each day!

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