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Saturday, August 15, 2015

A New Era to be a Friend and an Ensign

Now marks the beginning of a New Era of time in which a new companionship begins with Sister Martin.  It is time to begin as new Friends, while continuing to be an Ensign among people who are or aren't searching for the gospel.  There are many experiences and adventures that await this companionship of 18 months, so let the fun begin!

We began with en eventful week already!  The second day at the Center, a blind young man from Honduras came in, seeking for a job, and because of Sister Martin's skills and experience teaching the blind for many years, she was there to support this young man and determine his needs.  Though she was only beginning to learn what is involved in all the technical processes at the Center, she was the guide he needed for that day.  ERS hasn't seen a blind patron in more than 15 years, and as soon as someone comes who can help, there he was!
So that is one of the hallmark qualities of Sister Martin -- her professional experience with the blind and visually impaired, and special needs, overall.

She brought her car filled to the brim with all the necessities of life for the next 18 months, and it was used already when we went to pick up young sister missionaries with broken bikes from a distance too far for them to walk home.  We each took our cars and loaded the backs with bikes.  It was quite a sight, two cars in tandem, bikes hanging out the back, trunk lids only partially corded down. But we accomplished the car-turned-pickup feat -- even in time for English class!

Our next adventure manifested on our early-morning walk, about 2 miles from our apartment.  Sister Martin hit an uneven sidewalk, lost her balance, and face-planted into the sidewalk. We both tried to catch her before falling, but I'm afraid we were unsuccessful.  She hurt so badly, and I felt so bad!  Only her first week! It required another adventure that afternoon to the optometrist for new eyeglasses so she can see to do her mission! Here's poor Sister Martin with her war wounds that day:

We will definitely have to find friendlier terrain to walk!  That's another thing about her.  She likes to walk in the morning.
More news about this Friend:
She is the mother of 6 children, 24 grandchildren, she is from Arizona, by way of St. George, UT over the past year, and she likes to cook and sew.  She is a widow of many years.  She's very cheerful and an avid conversationalist with an assortment of topics and experiences to share.  She seems happy to be here on a mission, but like "other" missionaries here, tends to be a bit intimidated by the crowds, traffic, and congestion everywhere.

We've already enjoyed a "Welcome-Home-Sister-Martin" dinner and game night, just to make sure our new Friend and Ensign feels like an important part of this New Era.

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