Sister Rounds

Sister Rounds
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Urban Jungle

Parrots and Earl and cars.  Who knew that flocks of parrots, who traditionally congregate in tropical, lush, rain-forested areas, would multiply and replenish the earth in LA?!?  But they do!  They are, of sorts, loud and obnoxious creatures, though very beautiful.  And the way they are different then magpies is that they are smart.
I can see why high-performance cars are popular around here, with the crazy driving that goes on.  But I have only seen one other Buick, one Dodge, and just a handful of other assorted vehicles.  THE ones that are a must around here are seriously ALL Toyotas (Little Green Bean would have been right at home here!!), ALL Hondas (why did I sell my Pilot again?!?), and Lexus (that was never a can-do for me!).  It makes me hope that my cute little Verano holds up for 2 years under this kind of pressure.
Earl.  An early mid-age bio-chemist that came into the Center after he lost his job.  He was out of work for several weeks and participating in what we call the Accelerated Job Search, wherein they work closely with the director of the center (Joel is his name -- my boss) and they do serious job-searching and skill-building in this program. So after not finding a job for this period of time, and being a new convert to the church, Earl talked to the missionaries in his ward one Sunday.  They prayed with him and told him if they would all fast he would find a job THAT WEEK.  What missionary can promise that? None of us knew anything about this fast or missionary promise. When he came to the center on Monday, more skill-building.  By Wed, Joel thought he'd just toss it all to the wind and go into a random job-staffing site, typed in the search line, chem*, just to see what type of things even remotely related would come up as options.  What should happen but ONE single job appears, one that he had the exact skills for, in his very area where he lives, which is HUGE in this commute-happy place.  Joel sent him there right away, they interviewed him on the spot, he got the job, it's a perfect fit.  He loves it.  Tell me inspiration doesn't play a part in the details of peoples' lives and I'll tell you to jump in the lake.  NOT coincidence!  I'm still trying to get the hang of it all, and my weaknesses are definitely computer-related, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of a small little wedge-size piece of it.
Across from our little grass-pieced oasis in Concrete City, is the old Sears building that had its heyday in the 50's, 60's and 70's.  It's now deserted but too large to take down.  There is a sign on one side that advertises its use for filming purposes, but in its dilapidated state, it seriously looks like a haunted version of Tower of Terror from Disneyland! Kind of gives me the creeps.

It's a whole new world out here, folks!! Far, far away from Homey solitude.  But there is much to do in the next 22 months.  And I aim to be part of it in the highest, most positive way I can.

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